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Double Tow Fifth Wheel


This luxurious camping set up is perfect for any one who loves the outdoors. This set comes with a truck, toy hauler fifth wheel, and a boat. The truck has room for five minifigures, and the camper sleeps five. The boat is a jet boat that seats seven minifigures.

The side of the camper swivels out and the roofs come off also so you can have an easier play. The couch and the dinette slide out in one big slide and the master bed slides out. In the garage there are two four wheelers, one is a two seater and one is a three seater. The two beds in the back move up and down by simply pulling it out and placing it on the lower pegs or the higher ones depending on whether it is day or night. Above the doors to get into the garage there is a loft for a minifigure to sleep. The camper also has a kitchen and two swivel seats. 

Not sure if I should add a bathroom or not comment what you think.

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