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Television Broadcast Camera


Television Broadcast Camera

Functioning replica and operational television pedastal camera in Lego form which could operate like a camera used in studios around the world today.

Inspired by the architecture range of Lego and from the operations of a television studio I wondered if a unique style of camera had been built before. I couldn't find such a build with lego. With that in mind this project was formed for interest in building a one off design, making a great gift, display item or interactive and movable play piece and let the builder create something unique. 

Imagine filming on production in the World Cup Football, Superbowl, Oscars or in the studios of your faviouite Television shows, capturing every moment behind the scenes, with every minute, with each shot. You can take this piece into any situation or senerio, visualy transform imagination to life, the process becoming more invloved with Lego.

Features include -

  • 360 degree horizontal panning of the camera (upwards at the mid section)   
  • The base has wheels to push or pull the pedastal camera to desired position.
  • Dual strengthening in the centre column for stability and strength.
  • The rear viewfinder screen has movement - positioning, forward, backwards, up and down for user eyeline preference.
  • Pan handles can be rotated for user comfort, up and down on an arc.
  • Extra strengthening for pan handles.
  • Centre steering column can rotate the camera left or right.
  • On air lights (so you know when the shot is going live on air)
  • Focus rotates 360 degrees (to ensure sharp images)
  • View finder and camera handles.
  • Zooming function.

Other extra instructions in the boxed build could include -

  1. A telescope (look at the far distant cosmos)
  2. A base missile turret (to defend from the Alien hordes that try to take over the planet earth)
  3. A army tank (for your army or the enemies)

Measures approximately - H23cms x W10cms x L14 cms

The build can be assembled in easy sections and then put together step by step.

This Lego construction could be suitable for approx 7+ childen, teens and adults, both male and female.

Photos are taken of the model I created.

Keep building, keep being inspired!

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