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The Ultimate Mining Machine


Welcome to my third project! If you like mining or just awesomeness in general, this is the project for you. This has a mining machine, minifigure and a cave full of diamonds (They are in the pictures so take a look). The minifigure is dressed as a miner and has a pickaxe so he could mine the diamonds in the cave. 

The mining machine is the main focus of this idea. The cover opens for access. The back area can be accessed by lifting the flat tiles (See pictures for visual). The back area is meant to be storage for anything small. The blue pieces and red pieces can be anything you want them to be (To me, blue is water and red is oil). The drill moves forwards and backwards for effect. There are controls in the front of it. The peaks, going away from the engines (see last picture) are meant to lights to light the way down in the caves.

This project is based off of an actual thing I have built. It is not as cool-looking as this look but the whole basis of this project is relatively close to a mining machine I've built myself. To be honest, this is cool and I think this would do well with children or even just anyone that just likes to display Lego on shelves. If you would like to see this as a Lego product, just click support and we're one step closer. 

Here are the links for my other two projects, if you're interested:

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Thanks for the support!

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