Product Idea

Nine Tailed Fox (Kyūbi No Kitsune)

The Nine Tailed Fox is a famous yōkai.  They start off with one tail and slowly gain more as they grow older, wiser, and stronger.  Foxes are at their strongest once they achieve the ninth tail.  These foxes are believed to possess the ability to shapeshift into any form; however, they usually take on the form a beautiful woman.  Some Nine Tailed Foxes are said to be tricksters while others are said to be gaurdians, friends, lovers, and even wives.

The legs, head, and tails of this set are all able to move.  The tail can can be angled at multiple angles at each ball joint as shown in the fourth picture.  You can place this set into several different positions of your choice.

I designed this set after seeing an image of a Nine Tailed Fox online.  I liked how it looked and would love to see a lego set based off of the Nine Tailed Fox.