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The Batsub: Escape From the Joker

This is my first and original project, The Batsub: Escape From the Joker. It includes 146 pieces. Here is my synopsis of it.

Joker and his goon are wrecking havoc in Gotham City! Put Batman in the Batsub and launch the two flick missiles. Put the swim gear on the goon and dive into the water!

Shoot out the rope from the harpoon gun onto the Batsub (that's why the blue stub is there). Turn on the taillights and launch the back flick missile (by opening the cockpit and pushing the light gray pole)!

Take Batman out of the Batsub but Joker is shooting at him! Get back in the cockpit and call Commissioner Jim Gordon on his radio. tell him to get on the Batpod II (the helicopter) and fly off! Control The Batpod II in the Batsub with the control panel and arrest the Joker!

That's the end of the synopsis. I will thank everyone who supports it highly. I really appreciate it. Also, Batman, Gordon, and Joker are double-faced. The Joker goon isn't but can be put in the swim gear. Here's both versions of the minifigures.

Thank you for reading The Batsub: Escape From the Joker and have a nice day!

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