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Watermill Assault


Hello, all! This model before you is a 378-piece representation of a medieval watermill! It includes three minifigures, an armored horse and a host of interactivity and play features!

The exterior of the mill is worn and drab, with various foliage adorning the exterior. I tried to use a variety of round bricks and dark-colored tiles to give the walls an authentic look and pattern. The mill wheel also runs over a small stream to simulate how real-life ones used to operate!

The top floor features a small catapult that can launch provided ammo, which in this case are small "boulders" to fend off the intruders! A gear next to the catapult relates to a feature described later on. There is also plenty of room for at least two figures to stand, and a ladder that leads to the middle floor, which is the miller figure's blacksmith shop. It includes an anvil, hammer, and furnace to simulate the actual forging of an iron blade! The spire in the middle is connected to the gear on the top floor and is decorated with textured pieces to disguise the Technic axle that protrudes through the floor. What does it do? It connects to a gear system that, when the top gear is turned, rotates the mill wheel to simulate its collection of the water below! The system is hidden within the cellar, which in turn is hidden by a well-disguised panel that hinges open and closed for easy access. Also in the cellar is the coveted prize that the evil knights are after- the miller's treasure- a fabulous wealth of jewls and gold! A lone black-widow spider is the only line of defense once the panel is breached!

I would love to see this set make it to the rare 10,000 votes and become an official product! I believe it has potential by being affordable and having many features that kids would love to play with. The immense detail could please adult collectors who would prefer a display piece instead! 

Please share and spread the word so we can get this on shelves!