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Turtle Siege Tower


Last Updated . Click "Updates" above to see the latest. a...time, Here comes the Turtle Siege Tower! Run (or walk) for your lives, Defenders of the Kingdom!

This is the 3rd set in my range of Whacky Fantasy giant pond animals theme. I've decided the Dark Forest Knights are the bad guys, and their goal in life is to defeat the Defenders of the Kingdom across the pond. This giant turtle has been harnessed as one of their mightiest war steeds, complete with a tower on his impenetrable shell and an archer riding along.

The turtle was suggested by a commenter on my previous project, and I couldn't pass up the challenge of trying to build one. It's not an easy animal to capture in Lego! The shell took several attempts, and it still isn't exactly as I envisioned, but I think it looks good enough. I also planned to have the legs retract inside, but that seems way too hard now. The head does rotate around on a ball & socket, and the mouth opens and closes a little. I kept the parts count in the same range as the other two sets, at around 350 pieces.

Possibly there could be some Defender Knights included to make it more playable. I would also like the leg pieces to be printed with a scale pattern to make their simplicity a little less obvious.

I really hope you're all enjoying these and I'm really happy with the support the other sets have received! Please keep the comments and suggestions coming. (I'm thinking Dragon Flies may be next.)

Support, Share, Comment, and check my Projects Page for the other sets.

Happy Building!

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