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Ryloth Droid Bunker

This is a set based on the droid bunker seen in Star Wars The Clone Wars season 1. It includes 3 clone troopers (1 with a rifle and a droid popper, 1 with a normal blaster, 1 with a normal blaster and a droid popper), and 4 B1 battle droids with backpacks. Also included will be 2 new double-barrel repeating blasters. The gates in between the bunkers can open. The set has 290 pieces and is on a 32x32 stud baseplate. You could also buy more than one and enlarge the bunkers and gates. If anyone has any ideas on how to improve it leave them in the comments section.

A view of the double-barrel blaster. It can be used by Geonosians as well. I could not find the 2x2 rotator piece on LDD but if I do I will update this picture and the rest of the set. This version can rotate on a round 1x1 stud under the 2x2 piece you can see here.

A view with the Gates open.

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