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Captain America Civil War: Hydra Base Battle


This project is a recreation of the scene in film Captain America: Civil War in which Captain America and The Winter Soldier are battling Iron Man in an abandoned Hydra base, while Black Panther is speaking with Zemo. The project includes a room with pillars [the room where the fighting takes place] with snow outside of it, a bit of the snowy mountain where Black Panther talks with Zemo, and Iron Man's helicopter with sliding door. The minifigures include Captain America [Steve Rogers] with his patriotic shield, The Winter Soldier [Bucky Barnes], Iron Man [Tony Stark], Black panther [T,Challa] and Baron Zemo.

I think that this would make a good set because it would complete the collection of Civil War LEGO Sets, and it would be a good set because this an important scene in the film. I know that not all of you have seen the film yet, and that I have probably spoiled more than I should have, but if you look forward to seeing this film of have already seen and enjoyed it, then please support it.

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