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LEGO Research Ship


 Thanks for looking at my Lego creation and I hope you enjoy what you have seen.  The research ship is  63.5 cm long, 24 cm high and 14.5 cm wide. It weighs in at a hefty 3.04  kilograms and you will see in the images how it measures up  against the L350F Lego Technic loader. The purpose of this the vessel, is to explore th depths of the Earths oceans by bringing back intriguing information from their unmanned submarine.  

 You will find 13 rooms on the ship these include: four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen/Dining, a utility room ,a bridge, a computer room, an engine room, a workroom and finally a seating area.   Within these rooms, you will find many different types of accessories and furniture like beds,  toothbrushes, chicken legs, microscopes, computers and so on. I  can also proudly say that every feature works with the mini figures take the bunkbeds  for example.

At the bow of the ship there is a fully functional anchor, Lego tyre fenders, an openable hatch and a life ring. At the stern of the ship the are 2 cranes (1 of which can be entered), an openable hatch for the submarine and some life jacket storage. Lining the ship's hull are Lego tire fenders held up by chains.On top of the boat there are many different electrical pieces of equipment with a flag. Next to the electrical equipment, you will find a yellow dinghy  with a fully articulated custom out board motor. 

The set includes 4 vehicles, one of which being the main boat. The other three attach to the boat in different ways: the dinghy  attaches to the boat on the roof above the kitchen, the lifeboat is secured to the back of the boat by three technic pins and finally the submarine is held in place by 2 slanted colomns inside the workroom.

 The lifeboat has eight seats inside of it to accommodate all crew members.  As well as this the lifeboat comes equipped with a shelf for emergency rations. The lifejackets for the crew are stored inside the bow of the ship in two 3 x 2 cupboards.

That concludes my description of my Lego creation, I hope you enjoy looking through the images. Thank you for reading. 


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