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The Floating Island


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Once upon a time the Earth is inexplicably split into separate floating Islands and people had to adapt to the new difficult life. They began to settle on these Islands, creating farms, melinite and simple homes, began to build aircraft to move between these Islands. 

And here we see one such island. It is the home of an old astronomer Joseph long and his family - wife Eliza, and son, Chris. Them very often coming trader Arjun Ahmadi...

This modular bilding consists of 2724 bricks: floating Island, 6 minifigs and flying ship.
Building with the platform attached to mountain bottom with angular plate 1,5 top 1x2 1/2 and plate 2x2. The house consists of three floors. First floor pantry, second floor living room and balcony, third floor bedroom. Second and third floor can be easily removed. The model is fully playable.

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