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SMaRT Exploration Station by ExoSolar


The canyons on Tersis are unexplored and full of geological and biological wonders waiting to be discovered. The 1000 plus meter deep canyons have sheer faces and ridges which are often less than 1 meter wide. Combined with the drastic and unpredictable meteorological conditions and unpredictable and sometimes dangerous fauna basic research and exploration is almost impossible. Thankfully ExoSolar has developed the SMaRT Station to conquer this wilderness and advance the human condition on yet another frontier planet.

The Scientific, Mining, and Research Terminus (SMaRT) Station comes standard equipped with the following features;

  1. 1 fully automated, ceiling mounted, analysis robot
  2. 1 fully automated, mobile, research robot
  3. 1 fully automated, levitating laser mining robot
  4. 1 fully automated, levitating harvesting and shifting ore handling robot
  5. 1 fully automated, cargo robot
  6. 1 research scientist
  7. 1 geologist explorer equipped with the Power Miner Pack (PMP) by ExoSolar
  8. fully environmentally controlled upper research and processing deck with elevator
  9. lower deck for bulk sample collection and storage and rare mineral refining station
  10. 1 curious local inhabitant who may be looking for lunch

Designed to put the builder in an isolated setting totally reliant on just themselves and their own creativity the SMaRT Station set does just that. Whether it is cataloging the local fauna or exploring the depths of the unexplored canyons adventure and discovery are literally around every corner. And who knows, maybe that visitor crawling out of the canyon wall is just dropping by to say hello to its new neighbors.


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