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Minecraft Micro World: The Snow biome

This is the one Biome that LEGO Minecraft has not done yet!!!

This is the Winter Biome, complete with spiders and a skeleton. I though that there had to be something missing from the Minecraft series and so after some deep thought, I finally decided on the winter biome to be an idea for the latest Minecraft world. Not only will it add to the hours of fun playing with LEGO Minecraft, but it will also bring back memories of playing the game.

I'm sure that all of you that have played the game have probably found themselves lost in a winter biome once or twice, and it doesn't help when the sun goes down and monster start to surround you. you've probably also found yourself lost in a dungeon, and then you find a chest and get shot down by a skeleton or blown up by a creeper. That's when I decided to add a dungeon under the biome so that we can all replay those happy memories.

Note the Sarcasm in the last sentence.

It has been very difficult to create the designs for the skeleton, the spiders, and the other things, but it has been well worth it. I hope you all support so that we can see this in LEGO.


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