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4,000 Supporters, Project Expiring, Thanks!

Thank you to everyone who voted for this set! It was a fantastic ride, just recently passing 4K votes, which is far more than most sets ever achieve! But we unfortunately won't be making it to our 10K goal. I very much appreciate everyone's enthusiasm and encouragement, and hope you'll continue to to support projects featuring women and girls in leading roles!


Maia (@20tauri)

New pics: RI court, Cape Cod adventure

Happy holidays to everyone from the Legal Justice Team!

The Justices recently visited the smallest state in the U.S.: Rhode Island! The RI Supreme Court is located in a beautiful Providence building that's nestled between downtown and College Hill.

They also took some time to relax in nearby Cape Cod, in neighboring Massachusetts.

We've had an amazing year traveling North America and look forward to visiting more courts in the year ahead. Have a wonderful new year, everyone! Here's hoping we'll reach 10K votes in 2016 :)


New pics: CA, OR courts, Golden Gate Bridge

The Justices had a blast on the left coast!

First stop was the Supreme Court of California in San Francisco:

Next, on their way up the coast, they stopped to do some sightseeing at the iconic Golden Gate Bridge!

Finally, the Justices visited Salem, Oregon, home of the Oregon Supreme Court.

As always, thank you to everyone for your support of this set! Special thanks to WomanthologyUK for featuring the Legal Justice Team in their article this month:

"Women standing out from the crowd: Championing gender equality through Lego action figures"


New pics: OH & MN Supreme Courts!

The ladies of the Legal Justice Team continue on their court road trip across North America!

Be sure to follow their adventures on Facebook and Twitter.

First up, the justices took some snapshots in front of one of the largest gavels in the the Supreme Court of Ohio in Columbus! Thanks to Jack and Cynthia for hosting :)

The team also visited the Minnesota Supreme Court in St. Paul! Thanks to Ken and Sabriel for hosting.

As always, thank you to everyone for your support! Cheers :)

New pics: Niagara Falls & Ontario Superior Court!

Greetings from Canada! Last week, the Legal Justice Team trekked to Toronto, Canada, to visit the Ontario Superior Court of Justice. Some pics from their visit:

On their way home, the justices also took some time to go sightseeing at the amazing Niagara Falls on the border of Canada and the United States!

Stay tuned here, on Facebook, on Twitter, and on Flickr for upcoming pics from the team's court road trip across North America :)

Maia (@20tauri)

3,000 Supporters - Thank you!

   _____ ____  ____  ____                 __            __
  |__  // __ \/ __ \/ __ \   _   ______  / /____  _____/ /
   /_ </ / / / / / / / / /  | | / / __ \/ __/ _ \/ ___/ / 
 ___/ / /_/ / /_/ / /_/ /   | |/ / /_/ / /_/  __(__  )_/  
/____/\____/\____/\____/    |___/\____/\__/\___/____(_)   

Huge milestone today! Thanks to everyone for supporting the Legal Justice Team. More goodies and pics are in store as we march toward 10K, so be sure to follow us here, on Facebook (@LegalJusticeTeam), and/or Twitter (@LegoJustices).

Maia (@20tauri)

New pics: ME & NH Supreme Courts!

The ladies of the Legal Justice Team have embarked on a tour to visit courts across North America!

You can follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

First two stops were in New England! The Maine Supreme Judicial Court currently meets in Portland, ME, in this building near the city's harbor.

The team also visited the New Hampshire Supreme Court, which is located in the state capital of Concord.

Stay tuned for future road trip updates, and thanks to everyone for supporting this set!

Maia (@20tauri)

Now on Twitter + Facebook!

The Legal Justice Team is getting social! There are now pages for the project on Facebook and Twitter: |

I'll be posting pics of the justices as they visit courts across North America, plus news about the project, and about women in law around the world. I'll also be highlighting other LEGO Ideas projects every now and then! So, I hope you'll join us on our journey :)

@LegoJustices on Twitter:

@LegalJusticeTeam on Facebook:

I also want to thank Public Radio International for highlighting the Legal Justice Team in their timeline of females in LEGO this week! It's an honor to be included :)

Maia (@20tauri)

New baseplate options!

Hey, everyone! Thanks for your continued support of the Legal Justice Team set. In response to your suggestions, I've added a couple of options for baseplates to help keep the court scene together:

With a 16x16 baseplate, the main elements of the set can be bound together with limited extra floorspace. This option makes it easier to introduce other minifigures or objects at random angles with respect to the central benches and chairs.

A 32x16 baseplate provides additional room for secure positioning of figures and objects such as the included bench fences/gates as well as any extra minifigures you may add to the scene.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on which one you think works best — or if you prefer no baseplate at all, let me know in the comments!

Maia (@20tauri)

New milestone, new deadline, new pics: the Justice Team visits D.C.!

Hey everyone! Some fantastic news: We recently passed the 2,500-vote mark, meaning we're a quarter of the way to 10K. Thanks to all who have supported this set so far!

LEGO has also just announced a new time extension for sets earning 1,000+ and 5,000+ votes within their first year on LEGO Ideas. That means the Legal Justice Team currently has until early fall 2016 to reach its goal.

To celebrate, I hope you'll enjoy these new photos of our favorite justices doing a little sightseeing in Washington, D.C.!

Maia (@20tauri)

April 10, 2015 - 2,000 supporters!

The Legal Justice Team is one-fifth of the way to 10,000 votes thanks to all of you! We had a wonderful week of voting, with a super-helpful boost from A Mighty Girl, which featured the set on Facebook. Thank you, A Mighty Girl!

Thanks also to the following outlets for giving the Legal Justice Team some much-appreciated love on their blogs this week:

Of course, huge thanks to each and every one of you who voted to support the set! We've still got a way to go, so please spread the word if you'd like the Legal Justice League for your kids and/or for yourself :)
Looking for an easy way to share on Twitter? Here are a few posts you can retweet, rewrite, or otherwise amplify:
Maia (@20tauri)

April 4, 2015 - 100 supporters!

Thanks to everyone for your early support of this new set!

For those who may be curious about the origins of the Legal Justice Team — and why it may look familiar — here's a post via Medium.

Thanks also to The Boston Globe for coverage of this set! You can learn a little more about me in their article as well :)

Maia (@20tauri)