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The Satelite


   Far from the Earth, lays the satelite, floats with all of its cool stuffs. I love space so I express it in form of Lego model. At first, I got confused when trying to build the satelite using the black long brick as you can see at some of the pictures I've provided. Then finally I got the idea for the shape of the model then I started to work.

   This satelite has two rooms, The main room is the control room, where the spaceman works. This room is facilitated with 3 computers, 2 cupboards, and some tool holders. The second room is actually not facilitated. The second room, which takes place at the bottom of the satelite, was facilitated with a lever to fix the position of the radar while the satelite is on the horizontal mode.

   This satelite has 2 modes, horizontal mode and vertical mode. You just need to move the bottom part downwards to have a vertical mode and lift it upwards to have a horizontal mode. Whether the satelite is on the horizontal mode or vertical mode, the spaceman can't work without a hydraulic. This machine was attached to the spaceman. If its not in use, you can fold it down.

   The color scheme that I use in this model is Black, White, Blue, Red, Yellow, and Grey. But I need your opinion for the color scheme. Comment bellow to tell me what color for which part that I should fix. I'll very appreciate your help. There are some details that I can't tell you here, so I provide pictures for you.


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