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Clock Square Modular


 This is my first LEGO Ideas project, and I did with great excitement. It is a model of a minifigure-scale Clock Square. It includes 202 unique parts, and total 1031 parts. I made it with the Lego Digital Designer, so I could use bricks which are not in my LEGO vulk.

It looks like it has 2 floors. However, I have intended to look it good. It has a coffee shop with a huge coffee drawn as a sign. At the other side, there is a sports truck displayed which people could see it. Also there is a water fountain at the center of the square, and the water is made with Trans-Light Blue fire brick. Each side wall is openable to see what's inside. The top roof at each side is shaped pyramid. And the center has a huge clock, which strikes 9'o clock. At the rear of the clock, there is a sun roof made of Trans-Clear bricks.


Street: Lamps, Flowers

Coffee Shop: Sign, Chairs, Coffee machine, Oven

Outside wall: Tan and Dark Tan Bricks, Transparent windows, Black pyramid-shaped roof, Trans Steind glasses, etc

If you like this model and want to have it, please give me support! I will appreciate each supports.

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