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Star Wars Sentinel Class Shuttle


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Hello my name is Jordan, and ive been in love with lego since i was 5. now being 20 i can really see the potential in lego and how we can use it to make truly amazing things, be it from movies or ever out imagination, or even a little of both.

As everyone in the lego game knows, there has not been one of these for a long time. What i propose is an updated version to match the standards of the new shuttle tydirium, with new stormtroopers aswell. I have made the interior as close to the real one as i can, and also i have tried to make it as structually sound as possible. 

All of these are good points as to why you should support this project, a sound set, detailed and looks cool. But it really depends on your opinion, if you dont like star wars then fine you dont have to look at this, but if you do then i sugest you take a closer look, on how ive tryed to capture the essence and scale of such a well presented imperial shuttle.

Now if you are a big star wars fan like me, you will have seen this in alot of the new show. This is the big reason i made this, but also i made it because making lego is what i enjoy doing, and its the only thing i can do well.

Now if you cant see from the images, the trooper bay has space enough for 10 sitting troops and 10 standing, ready for action! and the cockpit is basicly the same as the one featured in the last shuttle set, 1 pilot and 1 co-pilot. the main wing at the top is structured with technic peices so it will stay togeather under stress, and the entire model is structured with the same technic peices to keep it together. At the front under the cockpit, there is a bording ramp, for all your troop de-embarkation needs, and i dont have to say that the wings fold up, that comes as a standerd.

Thank you for reading and i hope you support my creation.


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