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Wartburg Castle

What is it?

Welcome to the Wartburg castle built on a hill overlooking the town of Eisenach, Germany.

Constructed of many different shaped and colored bricks it makes it one of the most known castles in Germany.

Many different buildings formed with each colored brick making the castle a beautiful 3d brick painting.

On the far north side of the castle, a drawbridge, made with moveable lego bricks, made to stop enemies from entering the castle.
From the drawbridge leading to the white brick building under the orange brick roof lies the gatehouse.
From there going down the eastern side under the brown brick roof is the eastern wall walk.
After you walk through the wall walk you enter a tan colored brick building with a light green brick roof, the keep.
After going through the keep you come to the largest building in the castle.
The largest building, the gray brick building and dark green brick roof building connected to the tall tower in the middle is the palace where the king or queen would stay in the castle.
On the far end past the castle you end up coming to the south end of the castle to see the white brick tower, made from five lego pieces, is known as the south tower.
From there you will walk down a flat light gray brick street and come to a smaller building on the west side.
This building has a dark green brick roof, the cottage consisting of ten lego pieces.
The next building gray with an orange roof on the west side is the mess hall.
In the middle of the mess hall and the cottage lies the only tree in the castle, made of a small brown brick and a small grass piece.
Going down from the mess hall the white building on the western side to the left of the mess hall under the brown brick roof is the prison.
The baseplate is a dark grey color like the hill the castle rests on. The baseplate is 26 by 8. Surrounding the bottom layer of the castle in lighter gray and white is the wall the castle sits on.
The entrance to the castle, the white and the brown bricks make the castle feel more medieval.
The German flag on the tall tower made from the pieces of black, red, and yellow finishes the castle to show where the castle is located.
The last picture shows what direction each part of the castle faces.

I was very intrigued by this castle, the many colors, the different shapes and sizes, and the different areas in the castle. I wanted to build with German architecture after it really moved me to make this piece of art. I thought why not just build it. I took lego pieces and I started to build it and when I was finished it was almost the real castle.I was interested about the many facts the castle has and how it came to be built.

I've always wanted a Lego castle but there were no actual real life castles. It is like none other sets ranging in different colors and having a different base than all other architecture builds making it different. This would make a great set for many, showing the many views of a castle. It is really inspiring from all the colors feeling almost as if you were at the Wartburg castle.

Interesting facts on the Wartburg castle:

home of St. Elizabeth of Hungary
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe stayed at the castle and made drawings of the castle
built during the middle ages

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