Product Idea

Royal Flag Ship

Finally! I made it! 

I'm so excited to present a worthy follower to the Royal Flag Shipship. 

It's the original Royal Flag Shipship! A powerful battle ship, from the same building class as the Royal Flag Shipship in history was. 

The ship is 87cm long and 74cm tall. It shows off with a lot of beautiful details, such as a golden catholic ornaments on the ship, a movable rudder, lamps and a bell. Furthermore the ship has 50 canons! 

It also allows you the view on a part of the inside with barrels and canons. The floor on the inside looks like real wooden boards. (I'm sorry you can't see that quit well due to the poor quality of the Degital Designer pictures)

The ship's in perfect proportions, cause I really tried to capture it in the history. Unfortunately we can't bend a kind of brick and add sails using the Digital Designer.

So if you do like it, please support, share and leave a comment!

Thank you for that!

P.s. I would like to add captain Salazar some spanish soldiers and seamen such as it in the movie, but the aren't in the DD extended.