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Create 64 Animals!


Imagine that you can create 64 animals with 4 animals, it’s what this unique and innovator model propose!

There is three levels : the animal’s heads and bodies and their environment. There is four sides: rabbit, cat, dog and bird. The levels rotate 360 degrees so you can create news animals. There is 64 possibilities so you can create and imagine what you want. Sky is the limit! Who never dreamed of a cat head on a bird body into a carrot field? A lot of fun and pleasure in perspective!

The environments of the animals are :

  • Rabbit: A carrot field with a box that contain picked carrots including one in the mouth of our glutton rabbit;
  • Dog : A house front yard with a fenced entrance, a mail box and a fountain post where the dog can do its business;
  • Bird : A bird perch with a plate which is full of delicious cookies;
  • Cat : A milk box with a bucket that contains it to quench thirst of our cat with an apple tree where it can climbs, then a trash can containing a tasty fish!

I created this new model, because I am a big Lego fan like you! I like to draw in my life and I realize this principle in 2D.  When looking at my Lego, I tell myself : Why not applying this principle in 3D? So, this is the result :)

I think that my idea is unique and innovative, because I have never seen anything like it. Also, I like the idea that everyone can continue playing with it every day creating a unique new animal. I have a lot of fun to turn the levels and created new animals and I hope you will be able to enjoy it soon, if thanks to you, I obtain 10,000 supporters.

THANK YOU so much supporting me for realizing my dream and thank you to Lego to enable us to propose ours projects!

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