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Lego Starbound: Human Ship


This is the space ship from Starbound.

  • It has 2 turbines and 8 thrusters. 4 small guns and 2 doble-barelled big guns. 
  • There are 3 rooms: first one is a teleporter chamber, second one is a living room with 3 windows, storage, onboard computer, third one is seprated from others with a door, it is a control room with fuel pc and a control desk.
  • Ship has a handle (pic. n.7).
  • This ship includes 2950 details.
  • Originally ship is almost empty, it can be easily filled with diffrent furniture and upgraded, you can see my variant on pic. n.6 and pic.n.5 Enchandced version has 4 propellers to moove underwater, 4 stands pic.n.5 and 2 anntenas. Improved edition is made of 3567 details.

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