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Panthro's Thundertank


Thundercats, HOOO!

The Thundertank, constructed by Panthro, is the Thundercats main get around vehicle. Its slow, but has great defense and can seat the hero's comfortably inside. Panthro used the leftover parts from their crashed spacecraft to build it. The model features a opening jaw, big enough to fit a minifig, and has a grapple hook inside. A wench fitted in the cockpit sized for two, connects to the hook. Its two large claw arms can be lifted, to launch the missiles. The large double doors open up to a spacious cabin with lots of controls, tools, extra grease bands and stow boxes. The removable turret replaces the seats and provides added protection from attacking mutants.

Help make this Idea a reality, relive the coolest 80's cartoon with your own adventures and modifications with Panthro, Liono and the Thundertank.

Set is comprised of two minifigs, and 1396 pieces.

Thank you so much for looking and please support Panthro's Thudertank today. With 10000 supporters we can show Lego how much we all love the 80's!

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