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Victorian Town House Modular


Addition of a skylight


Its been about a month since the last update for my design, and I wanted to post a few new views. I have added a small skylight to the roof of the house. It is in the rear corner, above the stair landing. It might be a little small, and I am thinking of enlarging it. That would entail some more major restructuring of the roof though, so for now, this is how it looks. I have had to relocate my modular city to a different location here at home, and it is now in a bit of a corner which makes some photo angles difficult. It is in a better location though, since its not in direct sunlight, it was under a skylight and I was afraid that the Lego bricks would start to discolor from the UV light. I really like how my design adds to the streetscape. Since I moved everything, I rearranged the buildings from the way they were in previous updates. I have the residential section on this side of the block. My buildings are arranged in a block with a central backyard space.

I want to thank all the supporters so far, and any future supporters.  Still having issues with uploaded photos being cropped. The two below worked ok, but the last 2 are being cut off. So I have inserted links to them. Please take the time to go look, they show a wider street view, and a view of the rear of the house. Thanks!



Some more details

Some stats on the project. The house sits on a 32x32 baseplate. The parts count is 2012 pieces. Some of that is the garden area, plants and stepping stones, etcetera. 

I had to change a lot of the color scheme. Using pearlescent grey and white for parts I originally wanted to use as just light bluish gray. They just are not available though for the necessary pieces. I think though, it looks pretty good, with a little more variation in the color scheme. If it were ever turned into an Ideas project, I would hope that some of the parts could be made in my original design. The large arches for the porch also, I would like them to be in the orange color, not the gray as built in my example.

Thanks for the support, I appreciate it immensely! Cheers!


Updated the LDD images for the house

I have another update on my modular house, which I have attached a few photos. I updated the LDD file reflecting the modifications/refinements I have made to the design. I think it looks fantastic, and the way it fits into the modular streetscape is spot on. I envision this house, besides being 'my house' ;-) if I lived in my modular town, would be the Mayor's house, or some other important figure in the town. I think it would be a great fit to anyone's collection of modulars. The front goes well next to the Lego modular townhouse as well as the Fire house to the other side, in my previous photos of the actual completed model.

Adding the vines and flowers on the garden side, softens the look of the building, connecting it to the gazebo and other garden features.  Thanks very much for all the support so far. Its a tall order for a modular/building type idea to compete with all the franchise type ideas and space concepts, but maybe we can make some headway! Thanks again!



Completed house

Hi, I have been trying to finish up the details for my house, and its now finished. I have taken a set of photos showing how it looks in relation to the other modular buildings in my street. I think it relates very well to the others, size and proportion.

You can see from the photos, I have changed the design slightly, adding a small bump out on the garden side, which enlarges the kitchen and creates a window seat on the upstairs landing. I did some interesting furniture for both levels, that can be seen in the photos as well.

Probably the biggest alteration from the original, is the addition of a small side garden with a gazebo structure. There are paths around it with the plants and flowers, and a vine on the wall. I think it has come together nicely, and hope now there is more to see, it will garner more support.

Thanks for all the support so far.


Some interior views of the house

Hi, I wanted to do a small update for my project, I have almost completed the build of the actual house. There are still some parts on order for the roof and cornice, but I hope to complete it within the next two weeks, if all goes well. 

Attached are a few photos showing the layout of the ground floor, the living room, entry with stairs and dining room. I am mostly focusing on the colored glass window that is in the living room, in the photos. I think it has some amazing colors, and makes that part of the model very special. I would appreciate any constructive comments. I have some furniture built so far, a sofa, end tables with lamps, a sideboard, and dining table with chairs. Not shown are a bed and some other pieces upstairs, but since that part is not completed yet, I will show them on another update.

I appreciate all the support so far, and I hope more to come, Thanks!


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