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Minecraft Abandoned Mineshaft block builder

This is a Lego Minecraft set built with large sized blocks. Each block has cross holes in them to put a red axle in to connect each block together (Even from the side, without any support from the bottom!). The set shows an abandoned mineshaft, but you can make anything you like with the blocks. It also includes a Steve character with a diamond sword, with posable arms and head. It also includes a brick separator, which may come in handy.

Blocks included:
6 wooden planks
8 fences
15 stone
4 rails
1 chest (with opening lid and contains a diamond, an iron ingot and 2 pumpkin seeds)
1 monster spawner

Mobs included:
Steve with a diamond sword

Extras included:
16 red 2M cross axles
1 orange brick separator

Change log:
0 supporters- 26/04/2013
25 supporters- replace some stone with dirt
50 supporters- replace some stone with iron and coal ore
75 supports- mine cart
100 supports- cave spiders
150 supports- improvement to current block design's
200 supports- add decals for the mobs

Please support. I really appreciate it!
Thank you :)