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Aquanauts Riptide


I love Aquazone.  It is my favorite set and I hope to contribute to it.


     This Sub was Originally build to survey and map the Seafloor though sonar. However, due to its great speed, it was adapted to be an emergency response vessel for distant stations.

    The original research canopy style was replaced for stream line purposes.  Its designers wanted to map out large areas quickly and needed a more hydrodynamic frame.  It also carries nearly three times the fuel, of other subs its size, so that it can travel further for longer.

    The supporting drone ship is designed for more in-depth analysis of possible mineral deposits.  When attached at the rear, it can assist in propelling the mothership to increase speed.

    There is one crystal container located behind the cockpit and drapes from its underbelly.

Parts: 257 (with plants)

This is one of three variants for this sub.  Mark I


This is my first submission to Lego Ideas and I would appreciate any constructive criticism or advice.

Thanks for checking out my design.

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