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The Duck Call Room


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"Hey I'm all about Legos if you know what I mean"

-Uncle Si to Jep (yeah, he really said that!)

Welcome to my second project based on A&E's hit reality TV show "Duck Dynasty."  What I have for you here is a two-part set.  Scene #1 is the larger area known simply as, the duck call room.  It includes two tables for Martin, Jase, Jep and Johnny Godwin to make their duck calls, a table on which the boxes of duck calls are held with more boxes underneath, a table in the back for just about everything you can think of including (but not limited to) a small fridge, a fan and a 3D printer.  Also included are some boxes of duck calls ready to be shipped out, a flat screen TV, a shelf full of, well, shelf clutter (including fishing reels) and a book shelf full of more shelf clutter!  Plus it has plenty of posters (and a paddle, a sword and an ax!) hung on the wall.

Scene #2 is the parking lot in front of Duck Commander.  It includes the Duck Commander/Buck Commander sign and a traffic cone reserving Willie’s parking spot ... for Si!

Moving on.

This set is 578 pieces and would include a great line-up of minifigures consisting of (from left to right) good ol' Johnny Godwin with his chili dog, Jep with a basketball, Martin with his hunting rifle, everyone's favorite uncle - Uncle Si with tea cup and jug in hand (hands), Jase with his hunting rifle (and frog), and last (but not least) Willie with ... nothing - except for an awesome bandana!

And finally, we have Si's cat, Sweet Pea!

Thanks for checking out my idea.  I hope y'all liked it, and "HEY, that's a fact, Jack!"  Thanks for your (potential) support, good night (or morning or afternoon) and God bless!  And hey, please tell your friends (and enemies as we need all the support we can get)!



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