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Operation: Steam Knights - Dark Elf

Operation:Steam Knights

In a magical realm, in a world far far away, wars are fought using magic and machines.

Dark Elf - The dark elf design is another attempt to create villains for the Operation: Steam Knight concept. Lots of t-bar hinges give plenty of posing options and allow the figure to balance by having a wide stance in walking mode. Unlike previous designs this is intended to change shape, with both a flight and walking form. Features detachable weapon and removable mini fig "Dark Elf" pilot in armour.

Action pose showing Elf Armour in battle form wielding golden sword.

Close up of pilot with cockpit door open.

Shot of Dark Elf wielding the golden blade.

In flight mode.

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Because so many people requested larger wings I've been working on making some modifications. The 2013 edition will be my next Operation: Steam Knights project. Until then check out the evolution pictures over on Mocpages:

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