Product Idea


A Look to the Past, and to the Future


So, as the clock winds down, with an all too short 2 days left, I sincerely want to thank everyone for all their encouragement, support, feedback, kind words, and continued interest. You've all helped make this project one of the best experiences I've had on LEGO Ideas. It's truly been an event that has really touched me and my building experience. It's been awesome hearing your suggestions and now, Micro-Ice-Era and Lion-King-Micro act as a progeny to this project, testimony to your requests and encouragement.


The Past

When this project started, I actually had ideas for a different set to try and create. Seeing as how it was taking way longer then expected, I wanted to do something smaller, a nice filler project. Spotting the torso of a little Stegosaurus I'd built years ago, I decided little dinosaurs would be my next project. Reassembling the model and working in LDD, the small herd of Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Brachiosaurus and T-Rex's came to life.

To be honest, I expected roughly 40 supporters, with the wildest hope it could reach 140 by it's end. What a surprise when it blew past 40 within it's first few days! As each landmark came and went, and the project sits at 502, I'm still agape at such outpouring of support and kind words.

As a bit of a gift, I'd like to include a picture of the rebuilt Stegosaurus that started it all.

The Future

What are my plans for this idea in the near and far future? Well, I sincerely plan to rebuild it, check which builds worked best and include them again, and change those that need some help. It might take a little while, but I'll try and include as many of the best models from the series as possible. Perhaps I'll even include some scenery (no promises here, but I do have a number of ideas : )

I would like to apologize to everyone whose requested models have not been created yet. I will check though and see if I can include any of them in the rebuilt Micro-Dinosaur project! We'll all just have to wait and see... 

The project might be called Micro-Dinosaurs, or perhaps, Micro-Dinosaurs-Reborn, or Micro-Dinosaurs-2, or something close. Have to see which works best once it's near completion.



Thank you all once again for your continued interest and help. I wish I could thank each one of you personally, but, since that is not practical, I shall thank you as a group. I certainly hope to see you again on Micro-Dinosaurs return...




To date, this is one of the more requested dinosaurs. As such, I present, the Micro-Velociraptor.

The design is based off the theory that Velociraptors had feathers on them, yet were unable to fly.

So very sorry for the late posting. I'll just summarize that things haven't been working real well lately for the creation of more dinosaurs. Hopefully this will be remedied in the very near future. Additionally, I have a couple of project ideas in the works right now, though updates on them will come as each draws nearer to completion.

Thanks again though for everyone's continued support and encouragement. You've all been terrific : )



As requested by hadidi1999, here is the Micro-Megalodon. I think the design is a bit rough, but I'm not sure what needs fixing. I'll probably come back and try and fix it later.

Per a suggestion from one of the projects regulars, MichielsMum, I flipped the tail over. It looks better already : )

T-Rex Instructions


Another request by Parsonsjack5_2649, here are the instructions for the current T-Rex build. I've actually had a request to update the model which I'm planning to do, but in the meantime, here is the current design.

Triceratops Instructions


As requested by Parsonsjack5_2649, here is a step-by-step guide to building the Micro-Triceratops. New parts are colored in red to mark their addition.



Here is the Micro-Tyrannotitan, as requested by Adamantium0107. It looked kinda like a T-Rex, only a little smaller and rougher scales

Micro-Minmi and 300 Supporters!


To celebrate Micro-Dinosaurs achieving 300 supporters, I'm proud to present, the Micro-Minmi, as requested by SavetheBrick.

Thanks to everyone for helping bring this landmark about. You've all been phenomenal : )

Per request by MichielsMum, I updated with an extra spike.


On in review. : )

How-To: Micro-Stegosaurus


As requested by Adamantium0107, here is a little How-To on building the Micro-Stegosaurus.

This was the first dinosaur created for the series, and actually was built in real life before being constructed in LDD. The color scheme is a lot better here though : )