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Clone Wars Darth Maul's Turtle Tanker

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One important story in the Clone Wars is the story between Obi-Wan Kenobi, and his arch enemy, Darth Maul. When Savage finds Darth Maul, he brings him home to Dathomir, where Mother Talzin gives new legs to Darth Maul. Maul then goes out, with his brother by his side, to find Kenobi, and get his revenge.

They fly the Turtle Tanker that Savage had stolen to a nearby planet. They then terrorize the people, and threatened through a holo-message that if Obi-Wan did not come to the planet, Darth Maul would kill all the people. Unaware of Savage's presence on the planet, he goes to confront Darth Maul. However, when he gets there, Savage and Darth Maul are quick to bring him down. They then take him aboard.

As they lift off, they are unaware that Ventress is watching. She sneaks onto the ship as it was lifting up, and hid in the ship. As Maul was about to skin Kenobi alive, Ventress knew she needed to get their attention onto her. Using her "witchcraft," she draws the brothers into the control room. Once the door shut behind them, she goes down to help Kenobi up. Unfortunately, the brothers hadn't really left.

Now surrounded, Ventress hands one of her lightsabers to an unarmed Kenobi. They then work together in an attempt to defeat the brothers. During the battle, Ventress looses her lightsaber. Kenobi takes his lightsaber from Darth Maul's belt, and tosses Ventress' second lightsaber to her.

After a while, Kenobi realizes that they would not win this fight. He and Ventress then fight past their opponents into the cockpit. Initiating the escape pod, the cockpit closes the glass door right after Ventress enters. The cockpit then detaches itself from the ship, and shoots off into space, leaving Maul and Savage staring after them.

The Turtle Tanker is an unusual star ship. It is generally used for cargo, has four legs, each foot contains an impulse engine, and two large doors on each side of the ship. As you may notice, Savage is taller than in the Sith Nightspeeder. He's supposed to have black Woody legs, a black version of Woody's legs from Woody and Buzz to the Rescue. This would make him about the same height as Darth Maul.
Ventress would also come in a new print. She is in her Bounty Hunter outfit.

I hope you like this set. I have to say, I had a great time building it.

May the Force be with you.

Edition 2.0 Update, December 28, 2013. 15 supporters.
Additions: Updated roof, and cockpit/escape pod.

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