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The Fortress of Portasol


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The Idea
My children love to play with my old classic castle sets. Thus, I've created a castle for them optimized for playing. Of course, the requirements of a castle for playing are different compared to one that has a visual focus. The Fortress of Portasol has less detailed roofs, rocks, and floors, but it is very stable, very good playable and has a lot of functionality and space (see the VIDEO at the end of the story!).
The Fortress and its Functionalities:
  • The fortress is built as a two-ring castle with a big defence tower. When enemies overcome the main wall, the inhabitants can withdraw into the inner ring and isolate this by raising the drawbridge at the defence tower. The defence tower has barred doors to the lakeside and to the inner ring as well. At the back of the defence tower, there is also a small landing stage for boats.
  • The outer ring (the main wall) consists of three modules and has a large entrance. On one site, there is a bell tower to warn everyone about arriving enemies. The wall on the other site is modifiable by removing technic pins from inside the walls to make it breakable (e.g. by the dragon).
  • From the top of the entrance, oil can be dumped over the enemies which are in front of the door.
  • To get into the inner ring, one must go over a rock that contains a trap door directly into the jail. The trap door can be opened from the little tower next to it. For good access to the jail, the stone-wall with the lattice door can be completely opened.
  • The defence tower module can also be opened by a rotatable wall. From within the defence tower, one can open or close the drawbridge. Additionally, there is a small weapon chamber and a storage room with table and chair. A crane is on the top that reaches from the inner courtyard to the front of the great hall till the boat landing stage. With this crane, one can also lift the working ballista (with shooter mechanism) to the top of the defence tower.
  • The inner ring has two additional buildings (the great hall and the bower). Both buildings have a removable roof and are equipped (chairs, tables, a bed, etc.)
  • The inner courtyard has a spring, a fireplace, two horse stables and the jail. For the training of the archers, there is also a straw man with a site disk.
  • The six main modules are put together with technic pins such that they can be easily separated for better transport.
  • The castle consists of 2996 parts (including everything).
The Minifigures and Accessory
  • For an interesting play, the castle comes with 14 minifigures (Lord Vargo with 5 dragon soldiers), Lord Roderick with Paladin Sir Theodor and 4 falcon soldiers. And finally, a maidservant and a vassal.
  • For the dragon attackers, there is a carriage with a pattering ram, a ladder, and a dragon in chains.
  • For the falcons, Sir Theodor brings a carriage with the ballista.
Child Approved
  • This castle is a real building. Already during the building phase, my children began to play with it. So, they acted also as my tester and helped me to improve it several times. After the castle also survived their friends (up to 5 children at once), I really can say that it's CHILD APPROVED.
The Story

The kingdom of Auqilatan consists of several territories that are protected by high Lords and their families. The Northern Territory governed by Lord Roderick is the protective barrier against the Lords of the dragon folks, who tried several times to invade coming from the north. The natural barrier of mountains and lakes, forces everyone to go alongside the northern capital city, Portasol. It is the door to the south and thus one of the highest protected fortresses in the kingdom.
During the last years the attacks to Portasol increased. The dragon lords began to band together. But what worries Lord Roderick the most are the rumours and stories from villagers and scouts about dragons that fight aside the dragon soldiers. Even such a stronghold as Portasol is not prepared for an attack of dragons.
In his concerns, Lord Roderick wrote a letter to the king begging for help in this difficult situation. When the king read about this new danger, he did not hesitate and summoned all blacksmiths, carpenters, and scientists nearby to develop a new weapon against dragons. Within short time, they built a new sort of ballista with such a penetration power to overcome the dragon scales. Immediately, the king sent out his strongest Paladin Sir Theodor together with additional soldiers to bring this new weapon to Lord Roderick.
Autumn is coming. Fog comes up the ground of Portasol. The guarding soldier that sits on the wall is seeing something but cannot identify what it is. In these times, Lord Roderick ordered that every arrival must be signalized by the city bell. Immediately, the soldier runs to the bell to inform everyone. Only a few minutes later the wall is full of the inhabitants watching out whose coming. Is it the announced help from the king or a force from the north?
Now it is up to you to finish the story! Vote for this castle, press thumbs that it gives a set and then take the chance to experience, play or reconstruct all the different endings that you can imagine.

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