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Lego American Diner


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This is my trie at a classic American Diner.

The set sits on two 16x16 plates as well as two 6x10 plates for the front door and the back exit. The roof is easily detachable for easy play access. The white sign on top of the front door provides enough space for a sticker.

The Interior

The interior is split into the guest room and the kitchen. The guest room offering a single table, a couple table and a family table as well as three barstools designed in the typical white/red of American diners, as well as a jukebox and an American Flag as well as a framed newspaper for detail on the wall.

The kitchen offers a fridge, a heating plate for the cook, a fire extinguisher, air condition and a lot more details.

The minifigures

The set comes with eight minifigures:

  • The cook
    Complete with pan, sausages, pizzas etc.
  • Two waitresses
    One with paper and pen for taking orders, one with a tray and a coffee mug
  • A janitor/cleaning staff member
    Complete with a floor wet sign (sticker), a broom and a bucket
  • A business woman
    With purse and coffee cup
  • Her son
    With an icecream bar and a teddy
  • A businessman
    With coffee cup and smartphone
  • A plant worker
    With plate and sausage, enjoying his breakfast

Planned updates

Depending on how the project is received I plan to do several updates:

  • Better renders
  • Stickerdesign and added stickers to the screenshots
  • actual build of the modell

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