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Treaty Signing Fortress



Treaty Signing Fortress     

The fortress is for signing agreements for peace. Different kingdoms needed a special place where they can meet and make agreements. The fortress sits on neutral land that all kingdoms own. No one is allowed to fight or disrespect anyone at the fortress.

Several of the most powerful kings in history sat at the table making agreements with other kingdoms. What most know is that there is a special magic that ensures the agreements signed at the table are kept. If agreements are not kept, a curse will fall over the land of the kingdom breaking agreements. Part of the curse is drought and the king loosing his throne. The flames of the fortress glow an orange enchanting glow. 

The knight that guards the fortress is not living and not dead. He will explain the rules to all that enter the fortress to make promising deals that can not be broken. The knight also explains the cost to use the fortress. A king may use the fortress for free if signing a deal for his people and peace. If meeting with wizards or witches to conspire for other parts of other kingdoms, a king must pay with three treasure chests full of gold.