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The Amazing Spider-Man Birth of Spiderman Set


As of August 2nd 2012 (2012.8.2 if you live in a foreign country besides America), there won't be any The Amazing Spider-man theme, but there will be one set which is this one. Sorry :( . But the good news is, it is still a great set.

The Amazing Spider-man was a great movie, so why not in Lego?( Remember that I am NOT asking for Lego to get Spider-man back. This is a completley different set that's based off a scene in the reboot NOT the original trilogy made back in 2002) Above is an image of the first set, "The Birth of Spider-man". The minifigures included with this set from left to right are: tourists x3(two with a notebook and one with a camera), scientist x2 (one with a cup and one with a magnifying glass, Gwen Stacy with a black notebook, and Peter Parker with his fake Oscorp pass. Here are the things that Lego would edit in the final version of this set:

The ice cream would be spiders( I couldn't find that on LDD).
The computers would have that piece I was talking about in the description as a play feature.
All of the minifigures would be flesh skin.
Gwen Stacy, the scientists, and Peter Parker would have premade or new torsos.
and last, Peter Parker would have a new head with a scared expression ( for when he gets bit by a spider).

I hope you support this set and PLEASE support it so it would get 10,000 views and become an actual set. More projects coming soon!

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Its my first project so if you have any suggestions for future projects, then comment below!

Here is a close-up of the three tourists. Notice the custom accessories I have for them. Yes, I know Gwen Stacy's torso is painted. Its the only white one LDD has. I added certain bricks to support the top of the building.

Here we see a close-up of the other 4 minifigures. Gwen Stacy has an alternate mad face (not pictured) that is hermione's face and so as the smile.

Here are the minfigures in their places. I removed the second tourist because there was no room for him :(.

project debut-7/17/12
1 supporter-7/17/12
10 supporters-7/30/12
project edited(read the first paragraph for more)-8/2/12
Over 1,000 views!!!!-8/4/12
pictures on Google when you search: the amazing spiderman birth of spiderman cuusoo lego set-8/28/12
20 supporters!-9/6/12
Over 2,000 views!-9/6/12
1st bookmark!-9/6/12
25 supporters!!!-10/13/12

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