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Tradesman's Truck


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I introduce my latest, and possibly best creation to date, the Tradesman's Truck! Now I have already had the other Tradesman's Truck, but hey, a guy can't do a job all alone! So, this can be his co-workers truck. It is roughly based on the 2009 Ford F-250 Utility bed. it is a white two door long bed version. Under the hood is a powerful diesel engine to tow whatever trailer you need to get the job done. Sadly forgot the hitch, but watch for it in an update. The front end stays really close to the original F-250 look. The cab is really basic with dark grey seats, and black accessories. There are also black tow mirrors. The bed is mainly basic with only 4 built in tool boxes. Two of which have drawers to sort your tools, and two regular storage bins. There is a ladder rack mounted a top the utility bed with an extension ladder, and an orange strobe light. There are two taillight and two turn signals mounted on the bed. There is also room in between the two tool boxes to haul materials for your job from a 2x4 plate to a 1x16 brick, the possibilities are endless! This set contains 149 brick, and as usual would sell in the $20 range.

Thanks all for supporting! It is much appreciated!

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