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Dragon Hunters: Outpost Attack


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This set is the beginning of a new theme that I propose. My proposed set is about an outpost on the kingdom of Lasgarth, the city in which the people live. The hero in this set (and the theme) is called Jake, and he is one of the elite dragon hunters that protect the city. One day he is at the outpost when one of the evil dragon riders and his pet dragon come to attack the city. The evil 'dragon rider' is called Scarro, and he is the king of the evil dragons and their riders.

The colour scheme for the dragon hunters is gold, blue and purple. The colour scheme for the bad guys is red and black.

The set would include an outpost with a tower and a wall. It would include two minifigures:



Both minifigures would come with accessories.

If Lego decide to make it into a real set, I would expect it to sell for about $15.00.

Thank you and please support as I have put a lot of time and effort into designing this new set and theme! :)

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