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The Dark Knight Trilogy Movie Accurate 2 Seaters Tumbler & Bat Pod



With the release of the latest video game and official sets, it's really exciting to see all the minifigure designs and how similar or different as compared to the ones I did.

Firstly Batman, when I design the suit I based it on a minifig muscle proportion, hence I think the official release abdominal muscle seems a little too narrow. Love how they've made the Joker head to be flesh colored with white make up effect, though I do think the hairpiece can be a little more screen accurate in both color and design. Scarecrow with a new piece as the mask looks fantastic, unfortunately Lego Ideas only allows for current Lego elements. 2 face looks rather similar but noted how they have toned down the burnt look. My favorite is Ducard, love the armor and hairpiece, all I can say is why didn't I think of it :)

Other than the minifigures, there are also vehicles in the game that's based off the movie, and the first that caught my attention is the Batpod. After close observation, I've managed to reverse engineered the Batpod and placed it side by side to my design for comparison. Firstly, I'm happy to discover that they've used a wheel of the same diameter as mine though not the same design. I've been receiving many comments that my tires are too big for minifig scale, it's good to know that the game designer thinks the same as I did :) Also liking how they've captured the essence of the design, from the foot pads to the subtle details around the rear tire and undercarriage. However I do find the design to be a little too squarish/boxy, and it doesn't allow the wheels to rotate sideways like in the movies. The overall size is also slighly shorter and lower as compared to mine, but I guess this is were I need to strike a good balance in details, functions, overall shape and maintaining it minifigure scale. All in all, I am still happy with my design and probably wouldn't have done it otherwise even if I were to do it again.

Thanks again for all the support so far, I am much obliged. :)


1000 milestone!

Wow! We have finally reached 1,000 supporters. Thanks to everyone who has supported the project! Every single vote counts, truly appreciate it!

Although the UCS Tumbler was revealed recently, however I still believe there is a need for a movie accurate Tumbler that would be able to fit and play 2 minifigs! 

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Thanks to everyone who has supported the project! Every single vote counts! Appreciate it :)

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