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Belle Reve Prison Yard


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This set was created using Lego Digital Designer.

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This set includes 8 minifigures based on characters from the Belle Reve prison yard scene from the movie. It has no top or a fourth wall for play purposes. The gate in the back can open. There are four chests for Harley, Floyd, and the other one is for Waylon Jones/ Croc. So you can store there weapons in them. There are spots for other minifigures so people could put more minifigures in it. Also Harley's comic book jester costume hat is included cause it's in this scene in the movie.

I think fans will enjoy this set because Lego has never made a set like this.

Minifigures included:

Amanda Waller

The character Scott Eastwood plays

Rick Flag

Christopher weiss/ Slipknot

Chato Santana/ El Diablo

Floyd Lawton/ Deadshot

Harley Quinn


keep checking back for updates because I will be making more sets based on the movie.

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