Galactic Law - Hunter Class: SP-12 "Warp Driver"

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Hey! (I'm going to make that into a "catch phrase"...) Alright, here comes the first installment of my takes on Space Police. However, I'm giving it a new name: Galactic Law. Just in case, let me also make this clear, I got my inspiration from Space Police, but it's still my idea anyway (just in case LEGO was wondering :D)

In case anyone was wondering or just plain confused about the title, this is what everything means.

Galactic Law=Name of my new series. I just told you that. :)
Hunter Class=Type of class (obviously)
SP-12=Model name.
"Warp Driver"=Name given to the specific vehicle by the operator(s)

Now that you know that, I tell you about the project! As far as back-story is concerned, it's space. There's crooks, and the Galactic Law will catch them!
Special features (not including the armament) include an opening cockpit, an opening compartment for storage. Inside said compartment is an equipment containment unit (E.C.U.) that holds all necessarily equipment for the officer. Such equipment will be gone over at the last picture.

The Hunter Class is one that you don't want to mess with. It is the perfection between firepower, speed, and agility. Though not the fastest of the Galactic Law's vehicles, it makes up for it with its ability to always end up finding you, no matter where you hide. Hence the class name of "Hunter".

As you can see, there is just one main forward thrust engine. Since this is LDD, I don't know if there would be enough weight in the front to keep it from falling back, so I added a clear cylinder piece in the back. Like I said, I don't have much to explain about it, so really I'm just letting the pictures "do the talking" and letting you guys support!

Here's an underside view. Ok, ready to here the weapon stats?
2x 60mm cannons. One per wing.
4x heat seeking rockets. Two per wing. (Heat seeking rockets, perfect for space, right?)
1x GL customized minigun turret-remote controlled.

The missiles are easy "pop-off". And the minigun can be folded up out of sight when not in use. When in use, it can come out and shoot. 360 degree turn radius. Can shoot in most directions except for upward.
There's also four repulsor outlets, two for each wing, that keep it off the ground when in places with gravity.

Here is a picture of the ECU (Equipment Containment Unit) from both sides and a picture of the pilot from both sides. Note: the project would only come with one each. The equipment includes:
A space-grade double-barreled pistol, an air tank, helmet, binoculars, flashlight and hatchet.
Just to be clear, the set would only come with one minifig (with hair) and one ECU with all the previously mentioned pieces. In the picture, the minifig on the right is just to show what he looks like with the helmet on. Thanks for viewing my project and please support!