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PA7 70 - radio

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Testing..... Testing, all right I got the sound. Now lets start in 3.............2................1

Hey everybody in the USA!! This is the world famous, incredibly handsome star Temky on the radio shooting live from PA7 70 at 12:01 PM. All right last night we were playing some funky junky jazzy music and I think today we will have some rock and roll! yeah yuh!! But before I put on all this rock and roll music I want to put a little serine to calm us down a little.

Wait!! Wait!! Stop the music for just one second. This just in from my boss, our ratings are flying off the charts!! And oh my god we just a new record of 30.5 million viewers. Thank you all for tuning in at PA7 70.

Now wasn't that relaxing. But what ever. Lets get this party starting!!!! ROCK ON!!! yeah!!!!

I drank all my coffee and I'm ready for rocking callers. so call temky444 at 1-800-PA7-70-AWESOME( or comment). be the first ten supporters and comment it and I'll put you on the list of cool people.

#1.Cristophian!!!!( he is so awesome!!!)
Come on rockers lets go off the charts together and rock and roll our way to 10,000

Rock on America and ill see you next time on PA7 70!!!!!!

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