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Castle Builders

If you are a big LEGO and a medieval fan like me, then you probably have Bought a LEGO Castle. But often after buying a set I like to customize my castle to make it look the way I want it to look.

That is why I came up with Castle Builders! If you are wondering what Castle Builders are,I will tell you. Castle Builders are castle wall sections that are built separately,but can be connected with the other sections of castle wall, with tecnic pins.

The sections will come in different sizes with with different features.

Each piece of the wall alone has a lot of playability.

Put several walls together and, you will have your own customized castle, and the pieces of wall can be rearranged each time you play to make an entirely new castle for new battles!

Here is one of the fun functions that one of the sets could have.
A battering ram to batter down the section of collapsing wall, and a frightened solider to sound the alarm.

You can see, several sections of castle wall, ready to be put together for the battle to come, the fate of the medieval LEGO world lies in your hands!

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