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Animal Adoption Center


Welcome to the very first Animal Adoption Center!  The Animal Adoption Center features rabbits, dogs, and cats!  All these animals need you to help them get a second chance at life.  Come to help your furry friends today!  

The Lego Animal Adoption Center is the embodiment of creativity and creatures.  The Animal Adoption Center is the purrrfect paradise for lost animals.  This creation is supposed to teach kids that shelter pets are awesome too!  It lets them have a place to put their animals in and have their other characters come and rescue them.  Designed with bright colors and interactive parts (animals, people, grooming station, doors, flat floor) the center is the hub of pet care and creation.  The Animal Adoption Center has a grooming station equipped with a shower/bath, 360 spinning brush station, and a closet to hold supplies.  The cat's cages are located along the grooming area.  The center also comes with a waiting room and a little shop.  There is a couch in the waiting area at the front desk, and bows, bones, and food to buy.  Next, to the front desk and food, you will find a pet carrier and rabbit hutch.  The rabbit hutch includes a white rabbit and a grey rabbit.  Across from the hutch is the dog area.  The dogs have two swing out barred doors which lead to two areas separated by glass, a puppy on each side.  Two gates at the back of the separated areas lead to a conjoined puppy play area with a water bowl and a soccer ball, which is all fenced in.  The dogs that are included are two brown puppies.

When approaching this design you should keep in mind its hopefulness, cuteness, and freeness.  With an Animal Adoption Center, it's important to let the kids playing with it decide what they are going to do.  Let them make up their own stories about the animals, did they rescue them?  Let them be free with their use of the interior as well as the exterior.  Give them the ability to imagine the happy homes that they will give the animals go to.  Animal Adoption Center is a perfect set on its own as well when combined with other sets.  It'll be the buzz of the city!  Come to the Animal Adoption Center today!

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