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Extreme Lunar Rover


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   The most epic remote controlled Lego Lunar Rover ever created! Never seen before features like: A motorized drill that raises and lowers automatically, a motorized shovel that scoops, all powered by a "Neontainium" power source that glows a bright green! Designed to be deployed to far off planets and moons. Remotely drive the 6x6 Rover in search of the ultra-rare "Neontainium" crystals. Once discovered, lower the drill, mine out the crystals, and then scoop them up with the shovel. These glowing crystals are then refined into rods to be used as the most powerful source of energy.

      The Extreme Lunar Rover is a Lego Technic and Power Functions masterpiece:

  • 2 XL-Motors that drive the 6 wheels, each side has an independent shaft drive. 
  • 1 M-Motor for the front drill.
  • 1 M-Motor to power the linear actuator.
  • 1 linear actuator to raise and lower the drill.
  • 1 M-Motor to operate the shovel that has a gear reduction system (27:1) The final drive is chain. 
  • 1 set Front LED headlights.
  • 1 set "Neontainium" power source LED lights.
  • 2 remote control sensors.
  • 1 rechargeable lithium battery box.
  • 1 extension wire.
  • 1 control switch to correctly orientate the direction of the drill.

      Lunar Rover Dimensions: 33cm long, 22cm wide, and 17cm tall.

      Thank you for checking out our Extreme Lunar Rover and we hope you support us in our journey to make this a Lego product for everyone to enjoy!


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