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Brainiac's Attack on the Watchtower


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-Martian Manhunter

-The Flash


-Brainiac's Ufo

-Brainiac's Ufo Drones

-Watchtower Scene

Brainiac is attacking the watchtower! Martian Manhunter and the Flash are the only ones available to stop him!

Brainiac's Ufo was inspired by Brainiac's Ufo in Lego Batman 2. It is basically the same, except that I put missiles on each side. There are also two other Ufo's without drivers. I also think that a Martian Manhunter set is much needed, along with a Brainiac.

The Watchtower scene includes the main computer with a chair set up in front. Behind is a sliding door, inspired by the Man of Steel, Set # 76009, which is representing the elevator in the Watchtower. There is also a swivel missile launcher, based off the Captain America Set #76017.

Please support, I would love to have these minifigures! 

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