LEGO MOC Jedi Temple Guardians - Jeguar

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In Star Wars (CG) Sesson 2 Episode 1, bounty hunter Bain slipped into Jedi temple for the Holocron meter ... since that time, I was wondering, why the Republic did not use clones, or may robots, to secure such an important place?

Here comes Jeguar, again, as all of my rest Star wars MOCs, it is not original from the Star War movies, it is just my own creation. Jeguar is made of 150 pieces of Star wars and technical parts, with rich details and flexibility

As you can see, Jeguar is not such a fancy model, more like a classic type robot ... I was mainly focusing on his mobility. Here are some different poses, but you can play it with many other ways.

Jeguar is armed with:
1) laser lance
2) power shield on left wrist
3) close fight shoot cannon on left shoulder
4) laser gun on right wrist

In fact, his shoulder is designed to be modularized, you may build and put different weapons on Jeguar's shoulder, to make it a multiple-purpose fighter.

Giving a close-up for Jeguar's chest (right photo in above) ... it's funny that this lion head castle brick was the original idea to make such a robot, I just could find a good place to put it, so decided to put it on a robot's chest ^_^

Hope you like this mini robot, and sincerely appreciate your support!

Enjoy LEGO!