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Bake Off 2015




Bake Off; in our house is a big matter. And so to celebrate the 6th series, I built this model. It's part of the Bake Off tent. This model jam packed with different people and food. 

I loved designing the new minifigures for this model. I like Sue Perkins the most (the one at the front) because she looks most alike out of all of them. The one behind Sue Perkins is Flora, then Mat the firefighter and then at the very end is Stu.

However not all of it was easy to design. For example I found the desks quite hard to design because they had to be the right size. They had to be big enough to fit all the food on but they had to be small enough to fit into the tent. 

The yellow desk at the front is the Judging table, where Flora is showing off her apple tarts. 

The food and accessories available: 1knife, 3 tarts with filling, 2 apples, 1 pan, 2 plates, 1 carrot with stalk, 1 sausage, 1 cherry bunch, 1 edible flower, 1 spactular and finally 1 pizza.

(This was when the technical challenge was taking place Paul and Mary aren't there)

To conclude, i think this should become a Lego set because Bake Off is very popular and also who doesn't want a Lego Sue Perkins??? My age range for this product is for all ages. I would sell this product and 25 - 30 pounds (including VAT). Finally I think it's an easy model to build, but a nice  one to have on display.

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