Product Idea

Microfighter Star Citizen Bounty Hunt

Hot on the tail of the fugitive Freelancer after a 4 system chase through two asteroid belts and a nebula, the intrepid bounty hunter in her Avenger finally closes in on her prey.  Can the Freelancer with its hold full of smuggled goods keep the Avenger at bay, or will the bounty hunter claim her prize? 

This set presents two fan favorite spaceships from the upcoming video game Star Citizen in the MIcrofighters style.  The MISC Freelancer, and the Aegis Avenger.  The simplicity, fun, and popularity of the Microfighters line is undeniable, so I wanted to apply the same style to the fantastic sci-fi universe of Star Citizen.

These Star Citizen Microfighters are roughly the same size as the official LEGO Star Wars ones and would be great fun to swoosh around, or display on your desk.  Each would come with a custom Star Citizen minifig.

If you would enjoy an expansion of the Microfighters style, please support!