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Jeep Wrangler Custom!


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Greeting fellow supporters!


Introducing the latest from LoneCoyote builds, the Jeep Wrangler Custom! This is one cool build personally. It is dark grey with black accents, that looks really good. It stays true to the original wrangler look. It has the classic round headlights and square taillights. The interior has four black seats, a sterring column and wheel, a set of speedometers, and a completed dash. It has black square mirrors and four black door handles. The rear is has blacked out taillights, a black door handle, and a tag plate that says Gr8 Life. There is even a custom suspension system with sporty black rims. This set contains 143 bricks, and would sell for about $15 US currency. 


Thanks all for supporting. It is greatly appreciated. Also a thanks to 21_Bricks for the project suggestion.