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Elite Police

In a time of crime and danger, we must arm our selves and be able to react to the situation!
This is why you are here ladies and gentleman, for I now introduce to you the Elite Police 2-14 Mech!
With our day and ages technology this is the true crime fighting weapon.

As seen on the presentation before you it can not only walk and run…….

It can fly!

Here is a close up of the hand of this mechanical marble. It has the crushing power of two hundred tons.

Last but not least, is the single barrel cannon that can blast through walls with ease.
Their is also twin flick missiles for surface to air fire if the occasion arises.

So that was it my fellow officers, now this amazing machine could be apart of your department!
Now what is the opening bid… yes you in the back. Is that one support I hear? then click the button and this could be yours!

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