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Adventurers: The Quest for Excalibur


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Johnny Thunder is back! The Quest for Excalibur is the welcome return of brave adventurer Johnny, his companions Dr Kilroy and Miss Pippin Reed, and their long-time enemy Lord Sinister, in a brand new adventure. Our heroes will face fierce Camelot Guardians, collapsing trapdoors, flick-firing missiles, and the spinning Round Table as they track down Excalibur, the magical sword of the legendary King Arthur.

Set includes seven new minifigures: Johnny Thunder, Pippin Reed, Dr Kilroy, Lord Sam Sinister, Henchman, and two Camelot Guardian knights. Also includes vintage car, vintage motorcycle with sidecar, skeleton, and a range of minifigure accessories, from swords and pistols to a map and camera.

This set makes use of both classic Lego pieces, such as the grey castle walls and Johnny's brown slouch hat, and also new elements and colours. It is particularly appropriate for fans of the original Adventurers series, but can be used with many other play themes from Castle and Lord of the Rings to Indiana Jones and even City.

It has been ten years since the Adventurers disappeared from Lego sets; Johnny has recently made a brief comeback in "The Lego Movie", so let's welcome him back for good!



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