Product Idea

League of Legends of Lego - The Raid on Baron Nashor

The concept is the Lego recreation of notable elements from the game League of Legends, by Riot games.

Based on the responses about the previously shown models, the final concept of the project is: The Raid on Baron Nashor.

This concept recreates a very iconic moment of League of Legends game sessions, the epitome of teamwork: getting the Baron Nashor buff.

The concept of the set includes:
- Model of Baron Nashor
- 5 champions
- Environment props (rocks, signposts, torches)
- 1 Vision ward

I'd like to thank all the supporters who voted for this project, and the people who helped to promote this project.

UPDATE 2013-05-23:

Since many of the commenters have awaited this for a long time, I'm making it official:
IT'S OVER 9000!

League of Legends is a licensed product of Riot games.

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Summoner showcase feature:

Previous images from the project and higher resolutions:

Slightly modified version of the original Baron model, with the surrounding environment.
(Yes, the ward is a recoloured bat)

The final roster of champion minifigures.

The building instructions for the concept model can be downloaded here:

Baron Nashor model

Environment models

Baron construction video:

2013/06/02 - 10000 Supporters - Thank you!